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One Minute To Leave
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How to Shuck an Oyster With a Butter Knife and Garlic Crusher
Ain't got no money for one of them fancy shucking knives at Williams Tacoma, so I had to improvise and wanted to heal the world through knowledge. With a butter knife, towel and something to smash with, you too can easily enjoy a fresh, living oyster as you eat it alive. Maybe use a butter knife that won't break though. Or a flathead screwdriver. Don't use your really long fingernail. Cut that darn thing.
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Hollywood Talent Agency
Everyone's first talent agent in LA.
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ABC Make Me A Star Contest Entry
Brian Sounalath Public Comedian Darf
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Does Penis Size Matter?
That time you ask your lady friends if penis size really matters... Written and Directed by Brian Sounalath with the actors from Rainbow Road Improv. https://www.facebook.com/rainbowroadimprov Shot by Keelan Carothers
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Things Asian Moms Say to Their Creative Kids
You're young, you're Asian and you want to be become an artist or pursue a career in the creative arts...but your mom doesn't think so. Created by Brian Sounalath https://twitter.com/yosounie https://instagram.com/briansounalath http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4334949/ AND Elaine Chu https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatWasCreativeFilms https://twitter.com/lanalane https://instagram.com/koreandaydreamer/ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4334949/ https://ellalaney.wordpress.com/
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How To Make It As An Actor in Hollywood: The Intro
Hi my name is Brian Sounalath and I'm going to be doing a series of low production value, yet high quality in information videos about becoming an actor in Los Angeles, CA. I've acted and worked in casting and at agencies for over 10 years and went to the University of California, so I feel like I have a wide range of experience. I'd love to be as honest as possible, so if I offend you I apologize in advance. These views are my own and do not represent anyone I work for or am affiliated with. Here's a recap of some of the things I'll cover in this intro video. THINGS TO DO WHILE PREPARING TO MOVE TO LA: 1. SAVE MONEY: 6 months worth is pretty good or something like 10k-15k. At least like 4k or have a work from home situation already in place. 2. GET GOOD AT ACTING: Every big city in the country has acting classes and theaters to study and perform at. What do you think all these actors that come here and go someplace end up doing? A lot of them start acting schools somewhere else. Study there. 3. FIGURE OUT YOUR TYPE: This is hard to describe in words briefly. Figure out what type you are: what roles you'd play in film and tv, some stereotypical descriptions of your physical appearance, your age range. Figure this out by asking people who will give you an honest answer. IT TAKES THREE YEARS IN LA BEFORE YOU FULLY GET TO KNOW IT. (Breakdown of why in the video) I'd recommend making 40k a year with your survival job and acting jobs to be able to afford a decent(ish) life and have some money to invest into your career. Then you won't be "struggling" so much as getting by. Comment on what other topics you'd like me to discuss in this series. Thank you for watching and congratulations on making the first steps in pursuing your dream. (Happy 4th of July 2017!!!)
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The Last Thai Fighter
Thai voiceover. I can meet all your voicing Thai needs. Also English.
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Marshmello, Yo Gotti, Coachella Weekend 2
Marshmello set it off live in the Sahara Tent at Coachella Weekend 2 on Sunday April 23, 2017 to close out the EDM portion of things. He brought out Yo Gotti @3:29 for a verse of Down in the DM. You can really feel what it was like in the first half of this video. We were in the dead center. Sorry for vertical video taping. This was a splicing of a few videos I took.
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Tai Lopez Impression
I swear to God if I see another Tai Lopez video...
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Brian Sounalath Comedic Scene
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When You Go to Thailand And You Wanna Roll Them Dice!
Holla at your boy! Me on Y and R on CBS. Playing "Thai Bellman" I kinda feel like I look like Hawaiian Waiter doe.
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When Your Duolingo Spanish Is Only at 10%
But it's Cinco De Mayo and you wanna show off your skills.
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How to speed tie your shoes
SPEED-TIE YOUR SHOES, LACES. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the first commercial I've ever done. It was for the web, some time in 2007 I think. This is how I got my SAG card. There was a posting on LA Casting looking for people who knew how to do this and I submitted and learned it over night from a youtube video. I mean it's not that hard. Then for the callback I learned how to make a noose and other cool ties that I've forgotten long ago. Sometimes you gotta hustle folks. They told me during filming to smile after I tied it and I was so nervous all my smiles looked weird. Or shaky. So they ended up just going with the blank look which me made me look like an asshole hipster with the hat they put on me. I never wore hats like that before and bought one immediately after. The campaign was for Sprint and was all about time saving tips. Some were pretty cool, like how to blow an egg out of its shell. For my bit, they also filmed this messy looking middle aged man tying his gross sneakers the old fashioned way. They were gonna show how uncool people tied their shoes. They ended up not using his video. I'm guessing they realized it's not good to make fun of older, frumpy people. They ended up filming a national tv commercial that showed people tying their laces slowly and then me at the end tying it the fast way. Little did I know they didn't film my face, so I didn't get any residuals from it. There was drama on set because they were gonna use the same green shoes they used in the web video, but the client from Kansas or somewhere boring said that the shoes looked like "clown shoes" and that there was no way they were going to be using those shoes. The ad people and the production company people started freaking out and they found some random orange shoes that I think were actually girl shoes to use. I'm trying to find a link to the national commercial, but it's only on ad sites that are subscription based. It's called "Sprint Shoes Laces Commercial." Anyways, Sprint had the "Waitless" campaign up for a few years, but they would have to pay the actors every year to keep them up online under their name, so thus they are gone and only bootleg versions are available. I enjoy how people compare me to Bruno Mars or the Chocolate Rain guy in the comments of some of these bootleg versions. I still use their tip for cooling beverages quickly.
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Women need to be careful about their relationship with alcohol.
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NBC Diversity Showcase 2013 Audition Alex/Enzo Scene
Reading Enzo Brian Sounalath
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"A New Color" Short Film
A 13-year old girl has to make some difficult decisions as she witnesses her artist father fall further into mental oblivion. Director: Brian Sounalath Cast and Crew can be found here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1418831/ Shown at SoCal International Film Festival (Won Best Actress Award), Los Angeles Children's Film Festival and San Diego Children's Film Festival.
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Witness Protection Wedding
Written and Directed by Brian Sounalath A sitcom style scene.
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Brian Sounalath Speed Reel
Short version of the old demo reel. Will have a newer updated reel up shortly.
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Sup on the G-bergs
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Medical Video for Allergy Medications
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Semi Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind - The Greek - Los Angeles - 7/20/17
20th Anniversary Tour. In a fit of irony Stephen Jenkins tells a man in front to stop recording. It was a great concert.
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Medical Video for Allergy Medications
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Asians Restaurants Be Like
“If it’s not on the menu....”
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Brian Sounalath Maude Audition 2015 LA
3 minute character reel
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After spending two nights and countless hours in the hell that is IKEA trying to get one shelf, me and Monique decided to document what we saw. Follow her @bmonique19 on Instagram. Me @soonalot
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Negotiating A Deal
First acting ever
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Korean Soap Opera: Thai Iced Tea
What if all your reactions to life's minor events were as big as a Korean soap opera? (originally on VINE - RIP)
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Survivor: International
Contestants from 3 foreign countries are left on a deserted, barren island and we get to see how they...SURVIVE. Sketch originally written for the CBS Diversity Showcase. Shown at UCB's Inner Sanctum in Los Angeles. Written and directed by Brian Sounalath Featuring the talents of: Danielle Perez - https://twitter.com/DivaDelux Justin Rupple - https://twitter.com/TheRupple Jesse Esparza - https://twitter.com/Jessedontthink Bianca Lemaire - https://www.instagram.com/missbiancalemaire MQ Tran - https://www.instagram.com/mq_tran Jaquay Thomas - https://www.instagram.com/jltnyc and myself, Brian Sounalath - https://www.instagram.com/soonalot Thanks to Robin Whitney and her show Shelf Life for putting us on the line-up.
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NBC Diversity Showcase Audition 2015
DATE PREP: "Josh" Brian Sounalath http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2277227/
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When Old Timey Movies Get Dirty
(From VINE - RIP)
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Sub-Zero ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Scorpion does it again. Pisses off good ol' Sub. But little does he know ice has no effect on the master of all things cold. Costume made by Homemade Movies through the Cinefix channel. Check out their Mortal Kombat recreated trailer....coming soon! Cinefix: Homemade Movies link below https://youtu.be/ZeFNpaBB1nA?list=PL1AXWu-gGX6Jto21cZ4vrtBZ4fW6s6Vkz
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