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∞༺♥༻✧ Lily (Coraline Version)∞༺♥༻✧|Glmv UTM|Original (Read desc.)
HIYA! I am SO excited for this, I know there are A LOT of lily glmv's out there, so I decided to make this one different and unique, just like Coraline. SO I decided to mix them both OvO.. GUYS WARNING! THIS IS 12+ BECAUSE.. THE CHILDREN, IT'S REALLY CREEPY, AND THIS WAS PRETTY CREEPY FOR ME TO MAKE LOLOL, I didn't go to the bathroom until it was really needed to ;-; Also also..backstory! Lily was this child and she recently moved to Pink Palace, and she was bored ,like Coraline, and her parents were busy for work and she decided to explore! She was tricked by the beldam as well, and saw coraline trapped, and decided to save her. Beldam then kidnapped Lily and trapped her in the mirror thingy -u would know if u watched coraline- and Coraline decided to save her, but ended up being kidnapped by the Beldam again, and the Beldam disguised as Coraline went in the mirror and pretended to "save" Lily. The one who called "Lily" in that part was Coraline tying to warn her, but she didn't listen and Lily and Beldam were the ones who went into the real world. -ARGH BASTA- Ok so originally I wanted to do 'Wizard of oz' hehe lolz -ideas for some pplz out there *winnk wink, nudge nudge*- but I decided to do Coraline. It was a bit difficult for me to put the pieces together but i did and there u have it ladies and gentlemen!! WHEW, this is one long description.. As usual, CREDS: imovie gacha life kinemaster phonto ibis paint the internet -for some background pics- piccollage Music: Alan Walker- Lily oh sh**, forgot to put my watermark frickfrickfrickityfrickles oh well......don't steal this please, I have my lawyer mr.pumpkinittys w me :v time took: 1 day and a half :3 ..eh of course only 30 mins or less of break lolz...
☆♬○♪✧ Clarity Meme|UTM|Original by Cynondria ♥
Hai! If you watched this trash, thank you so much! Ugh I put SOOOoooooOOOoo much darn effort for this and the end result was.. ehh .__. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this! I'm making another meme atm, and then I'll start with my glmm mini movie thingy :3 As usual.. Creds: Ibis Paint Kinemaster Clarity - Zedd ft. Foxes Internet for dem pics Thanks for watching! Pls comment ur opinions, like and if u want u can also sub hihi :3 ♥
♥Making Coraline Jones♥|UTM
Hi all! Thank you so much for all of your support, we're almost at 50 subs!! Thank you all so much guys!! We're gonna need a fanbase soon hehe jk jk! I know y'all don't really read descs but I always indirectly talk to you all here haha!! Thanks guys -n girls- for watching X3 ♥♥♥ As usual, CREDS: Kinemaster Gacha life I'm so sorry for the crappy thumbnail owo I was too lazy -nervous laugh- OH BTW! GUYS, COMMENT WHAT OTHER SONGS YOU'D LIKE ME TO TURN INTO A GLMV!! I also have a surprise for you guys, either by the end of the week or the next coming up. I, sadly have summer classes, so I won't be as active on the 4th week of April until the first week of May so that would be 3 weeks in total -jus givin u guys a heads up!- I'm omw to watch "The Haunting Hour" so OwO wish me guys luck luv y'all!! Thanks for watching! Make sure to like, comment, and sub! Most importantly, ENJOY!
Can't Sleep Love Meme ☽|UTM|Thanks for 70 subs!!: *✧・゚
Hai allllll!! I am so so so sorry that i haven't been able to upload for lots of days just to present to you this trash..I've been racking my mind for ideas, and I'm actually going to have a moosic vidoe comin' up :3 Anyhoos, enjoy this pls! And forgive me :p As Usual, CREDS: Kinemaster Ibis Paint Splice Gacha Life Priscila x Edits for moving backgrounds :3 thx u girl Pentatonix - Can't sleep love Gacha Nosa, for the clip of her 'lily' music video as a movie :D The internet for sum bg pics THAT ALL THANKSSS!!
TOXIC|An original mini movie|UTM
Hello! This is a mini movie called toxic and it's abt. a girl in a toxic relationship..it all turns out pretty well in the end I guess? But anyways..srry for the weird music haha, its from imovie..not really that much in a good mood bc I feel like the same one person is disliking my vids :\ I'm ok with constructive criticism, buttt..I feel like it is weird that all my vids have one dislike..if that had been a diff. person it would have only been 3 or 4 vids, or maybe the dislikes would be more instead of just 1..hehe..anyways..just ignore me, but pls enjoy this video! Thank you for watching! Have a nice day! By the way, I just rewatched 'creating nick and judy in gacha life AND WHAT A FAIL. Literally the end said 'title' and 'name' 'desription' in the end omg..i wanna bang my head on the wall..in fact... ok that's all byeeee!
~•Types Of People In Horror Movies•~|Gacha Life Version|UTM
Haiiiiii!!! I know I haven't uploaded much...well .. AT all that much..and well, it's cause, I was busy with schoolwork, roblox, and thinking of ideas :'v Basically this is just a shot at trying to get viral but whatver smh lol.. Minor ish BLOOD WARNING..also this is sucky so thats another warning lol ._. I wanted to upload this vid asap, so I could clear up some storage for making memes - I'll be doing probs 3-4 atm lol - AAND...FINALLY FINISHED IT :3 Anyhoos, I hope y'all enjoyed this, even though I certainly didn't while rewatching this for finalizations .__. As usual, CREDS: Black Violet - Clips of her glmv "Power" Creepy-FunnyAnime Music - The Witchs Potion Original Composition uploaded by Claudie Mackula Gacha Life Kinemaster Ibis Paint The internet for some pics/backgrounds Phonto for the thumbnail WatchMojo for ideas on this video -like what type of people, not the whole thing- That's all thank you everyone so much for watching!! :3 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! 💖💖💖 -TURN YOUR BRIGHTNESS OFF AT NUMBER 6-
♥♡I think I'm In love again MEME ♥♡|UTM|Kat Dahlia
Hai guys! I just wanted to thank one of my bestest friends Yinne! A.k.a. Crappymation, for my NEW PROFILE ICON! It's sooooo good, and she is so talented! She also makes memes, animation style, and if you would sub o her it'd mean a lot to me. Thank you! Alright guys, i'm proud ish on this one..but not so much? idk i FEEL like it's too fast :/ Anyhoos, AS USUAL, CREDS: Ibis Paint Kinemaster Internet for a whole dang lot of pics Gacha Life Splice Kat Dahlia - I think I'm In Love Again Thank you for watching and for 87 subs lov u all !!!! ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
Hii guys!! WELCOME, to another music video made by yours truly! Loads of gachers made similar vids, so pls feel free to check em' out! ;3 Have a nice day everybody! ;3 Credits: Song - You just want my sister by Joe Suggs Everything else - UnidentifiedTrollMix Nicole ;P Inspiration - Other gachers muv's.. -sorry guys, no emojis, using my mac to upload hehe- BY THE WAY, BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS AND AN ADVANCED HAPPY NEW YEAR! Happy Belated Birthday Kuya Jesus! IMPORTANT NOTE: Guys, please don't do suicide just because of these types of things. YOU are WORTH IT. This video isn't a joke, and I would like to spread awareness in these situations. Also, don;t be a jerk and cheat on a girl/guy OR their siblings. You're literally going to break their family apart. THAT IS THE ULTIATE BETRAYAL....Honestly.
AFC 2k18| Gacha Life| Original By UTM
Hi guys!!! Welcome to another vid! 💖🤣 This one is Annual Fashion Contest 2k18 that is held every December 16, of the year. It is one of the most awaited events in Gacha life of UTM.. Late upload cos of slow net so sorry 🤗 Pls enjoy! Credits: Song - Kill Em With Kindness by Selena Gomez Everything Else - UnidentifiedTrollMix Nicole 💖
✼  ҉ I'm a mess MEME  ҉ ✼|UTM
HAI! I'm back at it again with dem memess!! Since it's SUMMER TIME y'all know I'll be uploading from the left to the rgiht -meaning I'll upload a lot and recently- :p Anyhoos, I hope y'all liked this!! Thank u guys for your support on my Cotton Candy skies meme and my Horror story gacha version!! And thank you for almost 50 SUBS!!! YEEEEETTTT!!!! I'm totes uploading a new meme when that hppens! o3o I LOVE U ALL!!! As usual, Creds: Ibis Paint Kinemaster Splice The internet -Thanks to the artists of the artworks included here!- Tanuki's Palace for hair shading tutorial!! Thanks kween!! Thank you all SO much for watching, I hope u enjoyed!
Creating Nick and Judy from Zootopia in Gacha Life|UTM
Hiii! Welcome again! Welp, its official folks..Christmas break is coming to a sad end ;-; Thats ok tho! Cos that means that summer is almost hereee! Thank you so much for watching again! Credits: MEEEE!! ZOOTOPIAA! or creators of zootopia :3 Have a nice day everyone!
Sorry I’ve been gone..
Hai all! Imm really sorryyyyyy for being gone! I’m actually uploading this from my phone which is why it isn’t edited much (also edited on phone) I’m going to try and finish lots of the parts of the glmv...we also had an earthquake for some reason...I didn’t feel it though. Stay safe everyone! 💖 As usual, CREDS: Splice Gacha Life
Hiii guys!! Hope u enjoyed the video!! 💖😊 This was an inspiration from the song raining tacos I was obsessed with it when I heard it! Go check it out! 💖😊😍 Credits: Song - Raining Tacos by Parry Gripp and BooneBum Toothbrush by DNCE Everything else - UnidentifiedTrollMix Nicole 💖 Have a nice day y’all and never give up!! 🤩🦋
Sacrifice|GLMM Original|UTM
Good Morning BOOTIFUL PEOPLES..HEehee.. Finished this abt a month ago, but who honestly cares.. XD Why yes john, I am indeed still in my XD phase.. -.-.-.-.-.-.-. Ok so this story is about 19 yr old princess Vanessa, and 18 yr old princess Vannah, except Vanessa is actually older than Vannah by a few months.. Vanessa is sacrificing almost everything for her lil sissy...and - CONTINUE ON W THE SHOW.. ######## CREDITS: Moosic: -Billie Eilish - Bellyache https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBRi6aZJGj4-Billie Eilish watchhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiGm_E4ZwYSHV3bcW1pnSeQ -Billie Eilish - watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dobJDxPEzM -Billie Eilish - lovely (with Khalid) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1Pl8CzNzCw App: Gacha Life Edit: imovie Everythin else: UTM
Omg omg, I accidentally did something wrong in the first upload so reuploading! Hi guys! Hope you enjoy this clip! Took me a whole day to make whew! Credits: Song - Perfect Two by Auburn 💖 Everything Else Lol - UnidentifiedTrollMix Nicole 💖 Character Inspiration - Ellis C 💖
INTRO TO MY CHANNEL!| UnidentifiedTrollMix
HIIIII! WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL! Haha, I know I should've done this, WAAAAY before LOL, but I only thought of it now..Have a happy day or night everyonee!! Credits: Everything: MEE! UnidentifiedTrollMix Nicole ;p
Not Special Enough|GLMM|Original
HAI! I finished this a couple of days ago, but I was too lazy to charge my laptop..lol..so I'm uploading this rn, early in the morning..yay for me . *-*-*-* This is basically a story about one of the twins, who they don't look alike, Stacy. I used Stacy for the brown haired girl, and Daisy for the blonde. I know people use Stacy as a mean girl's name, so I decided to switch it around hehe. Anyways Stacy is the normal child while Daisy is the twin who has hybrid eyes. Stacy feels she isn't special enough. -by the way, remember that some stories have twins who don't actually look like twins? Well this is kinda one of those.- My smart fren told me that it had something to do with the loss of genotype or a gene is missing that's why these things happen or something, honestly idk..Anyways enjoy! .-.-.-.-.-.-.- Music Credits: Billie Eillish - Watch, Bellyache, Lovely Writer: UNIDENTIFIEDTROLLMIX Co-writers: Yinne, and Kelsey -no last names :p- Editor:Splice I should probbs put my watermarks next time..ehh it's not like i'll get famous ;3 Thanks for watching! NO INTRO LOL, I'LL TRY BETTER NEXT TIME..
✼ Sunflower M E M E ✼|UTM
Hai! I rlly hoped u enjoed this1 I'm literally so tired and I want to sleep rn, but then I'd have a hard time sleeping later this night :'{ I didn't know painting the doors for voluntary work was THIS hard .. ugh ANYHOOS! Guess who improved on their art skillz? ;3 Idk probably Yinne -mah fren- :D And yes I drew almost _everything_ in this vdieo, including the thumbnail -which btw the thumbnail's mouth was inspired by Cutie Pun Pun ♥ Anyways! As usual, CREDS: Kinemaster Ibis Paint Gacha Life Phonto Da internet Sunflower - Shannon Purser Thank you for watching! I really do hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed making it :]
☆♬○♩Zombie Song♩○♬☆|Collab w/Crappymation_99|UTM|GLMV/AMV [BLOOD WARNING]
HI ALL!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR REACHING ME TO 53 SUBS!! I can't believe it! You guys are super fast! It was only about a week or two when I had 38 subs :3 I'd like to show my appreciation for you all, by pronouncing..my very very first COLLAB! With my irl friend, Yinnee!!! aka Crappymation_99, pls pls go check out her wonderful work!! "Twisted" I can't believe she's so under rated, trust me, you won't regret subbing to her! She's a wonderful and amazing person, and she deserves more! Luv u frend =3 Please enjoy!! Thank you all so much, again!! As usual, CREDS: -for my parts- Ibis Paint -requires lots of ibis paint qwq- Kinemaster Splice Imovie The internet for dem pics Check this video out at her channel as well!! ♥*♡∞:。.。Once again, thank you ALL so MUCH!!。.。:∞♡*♥ Have a nice day/night/afternoon !! WARNING:BLOOD
。o°✥✤✣ Solo MEME ✣✤✥°o。|UTM|Thank you for 59 Subs!! ♥|!Slight flashing!
Hi everyone!! Sorry for not being active for like 2 days? I've been trying to finish this, and get ideas for my future gacha vids.. Btw guys, this is kind of a flash warning because there are parts in where it is like, from here to there so O-O watch out and don't watch if ur sensitive guys, i'm sorry ♥ IMPORTANT -PLS. READ- So I have actually made a 5 minute short film gacha video, and idk if you guys want me to upload it, i'm kinda shy to do so because no one has actually done something like this, as far as i know, and i'm contemplating on whether i SHOULD POST IT OR NOT. So if you guys are interested, lemme know :3 THANK YOU GUYS SOOO VERY MUCH FOR 59 SUBS!! I APPRECIATE EVERY ONE OF YOU!!! I might do a giveaway but I'm not rlly sure hehe, I'm not that good at editing lol.. As usual, Creds: Song - Solo Clean bandit ft. Demi Lovato Ibis Paint Phonto Kinemaster Splice The internet Thanks for watching! Don't forget to comment your opinions, like to let me know ur feelings, and sub to tell me you like my content :D
̶̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ Bad Guy Meme ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶  |UTM|Billie Eilish
Haii!! I'm FINALLY finished with mah summer classes :3 However, i have volunteered for an art project, which consists of repainting our lavatories with designs, etc.. I hope u guys enjoy! Also, idk if it's just me, but I feel like all my hardwork is just for a reply or a SINGLE like -which I VERY VERY much appreciate btw- it's jus that, after seeing my work, I feel a sense of pride..but after seeing how many other ppl enjoyed it -not alot- I feel that proudness/pride inside of me simmer.. HOWEVER, I 'm still SO SO thankful for everyone of you. Love y'all!! As usual, CREDS: Ibis paint Kinemaster Gacha Life Internet Splice Billie Eilish - Bad Guy Phonto TY FOR WATCHING!!! :3
-ˋˏ✄┈┈Savage Meme┈┈|UTM
Savage meme!! I'll edit my desc latah! HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!! I have a joke I made myself lolz :3 Girl: I-I'm pregnant. Boy: Haha nice joke. Happy April fools to you too.. Girl: W-wha? It's April fools today?? Boy: .... o_o WHA- as usaalll, CREDS: Phonto Ibis Paint Kinemaster The internet (for some bg's) imovie Thanks for watching!! Like n Sub :3
︵‿୨Cotton Candy Skies୧‿︵|Meme|UTM♡|Tysm for 39 subs!!
Um yus, y'all..THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 39 SUBS!! I know, I know. Y'all may think it's not that much, but for me, I really appreciate the fact that people watch my videos, and like them. It makes me feel good that all my hardwork has meaning, and there's a reason I have made them. Anyhoos, enjoy this meme I worked on for 3 days y'al! TvT As usual: Apps used: Phonto Kinemaster Ibis Paint Splice The internet -for dem pics- Song:Cotton Candy Skies by esthie ♡ _kween_ Thank you all sososo much again!! ♡
・*.。.:*゚:*:✼✿This Feeling✿✼:*゚..。.:*・|UTM|Glmv|RE-UPLOAD
Hi y'all, thanks for 32 subs!! I appreciate every 1 of you uwu... Oh btw if u guys noticed, bet not, but this is a re-upload because the last one had a weird filter on it so I decided to re-upload it since it didn't really have much views, so it didn't bother me too much.. I'm supppperr excited to upload my next glmv (I've been uh..obsessed w making em' recently TvT) which is..... *drumroll* .. LILY! By Alan Walker :3 Tis goin to have a really twisty..twist to it hehehe... WELP, thank y'all SO much for watching!! Plz sub, like, and comment ur opinions abt my vids!! SEE YOU ALL NEXTTT TIMEEEE!!! AS USUAL, CREDS TO: imovie ibis paint gacha life kinemaster phonto Music: This Feeling-Chainsmokers yus :3 thanks for watching lov u all o3o ....
Fantasize Meme 🦄 ✨ |UTM
Haiii! I hope this meme didn’t disappoint y’all! I really really tried 😅🌝 LOL anyhoos, my head is currently hurting vv much so I’ll resume to reading a book later on :) I really hope you liked it ☺️ AU: Creds: Ibis Paint Kinemaster Splice Gacha Life Internet for sum picz Fantasize - Lilianna Wilde Thanks for watching! 🌈💖🌝🦄 Oop forgot: -Slightly inspired by Ciel Ace! (Like the concept/plot?) But their vid is sooooo much better than mine lol TvT- (Not sure who originated this but creds to whoever that is!)
✧○ꊞ○ꊞ-Pretty Girl-ꊞ○ꊞ○✧ MEME|UTM
HIYA! So I know all I've been uploading recently are glmv's and memes -ehem, I actually have 2 more of those coming up EHEM EHEM= Anyhoos, I hope u guys enjoy this meme, I tried to make it as wacky and non depressable -wut- as possible hehe, cause i have seen the other memes which just makes me kinda sad.....because of the "somedays I quit" lyric somewhere so I decided to turn that sad face upside down... and now it's a ǝɔɐɟ pɐs. LOLOL, I'm just kidding. Happy advanced Easter! Jesus is coming for us, so we gotta celebrate! As usual, CREDS: Phonto Kinemaster Imovie Splice Ibis Paint The internet -for dem photos n memes- Happy watching, and thanks for watching lol! :3
‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙Moto Moto Meme˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊|UTM
Hai!! Thanks for watching!!! As usual, CREDS: Kinemaster Phonto Ibis Paint
Types Of Cats
✼  ҉ _;✼Let You Down✼  ҉ _;✼|GLMV|UTM
haiii im back..just so u know, I am taking my finals this week hahaha.... *insert sad emoji* 3 MORE DAYS BEFORE SUMMER BREAAAKK!!!! So sadness...IMMA miss all my frens!!! shoutout to yinne :3 ALSO ALSO, I rlly hope I'm not too late for this, I made this like LAST YEAR ASDDFGHWKSHK *face palm* I was slacking off on editing the audio for this TuT dis be an original plot y'all.. anyhooooo, enjoy mixies!! CREDITS: Imovie Splice (see told u so) Gacha Life o3o
Random Edit :3|UTM
Haii, I was pretty bored so I decided to make this LOL Harder than it looks 😅😐😬🤭 Ty for watching!💖💖💖
hai! I haven;t seen anyone upload a glmv like this one recently, so I decided to ;3 also also !! I decided to try out kinemaster bc DUH transitions *insert heart emoji lov yah ! and as always.. credits: Ibis paint, Kinemaster, Gacha life, Vont, Phonto
✧All eyes on me map-DezKittyCat [Parts 23 & 24]✧|UTM
Hai! :3 SOO, I joined a map by DezKittyCat, she's a rlly rlly nice person imo, in fact I think it's still open -the map- so you guys can still join if you'd like!!! It was kinda tricky for me to think of a plot I should make for this so this happened -v- oh btw, read the pinned comment if u haven't yet haha... Thank u all sooo much for watching, if u watched! As usual, CREDS: Ibis Paint KineMaster The internet Gacha life SEE YA NEXT TIME ^v^ p.s. I have an upcoming collab w crappymation_99 -aka my irl friend - and I AM SOSO proud y'all owo
Squishy Sliem .. 17 Seconds Of Your Life Wasted
Yusnyus heyheyhey I'm not just a Gacha acc..like I have 2 or 3 vids that are completely random lol... .-.-.-.-.-.-.- I'm an awesome person :3
hehehe hi agaaaaainn! so i made a new intro, cos as u can see I recently downloaded cc and currently learning hahaaa.... anyways..pls enjoy this new intro this took me abt an hr and 30 mins! haha i know..im such a newb. o_o SO..rn I'm practising for my eng persuasive essay and currently not helping in my grp works haha.... BUT on summer, i'll be collabing with one of my bff's (she sooo gud in animating bruh-) and it'll be cool!! HINT: it's actually a popular song from the animating pplz.. hehe ;3 THAT'S ALLLL THANKS TO ALL 4 WATCHING!!!! CREDS: App/s: Cute cut, gacha life, vont, phonto, ibis paint Song: All we know- Chainsmokers Efforts: UTM (ME),
•̩̩͙*˚12 Aesthetic Outfit Ideas Rainbow Edition ˚*•̩̩|+New Intro/Outro!|78 Subs Special!♥ (Girls)
Hai guys!!! REMINDER: I will be gone for 3 weeks, unless otherwise said so, no videos will be posted until then. Thank you! THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH FOR 79 SUBS I APPRECIATE EVERY ONE OF YOU SO SO VERY VERY MUCH! Oh by the way.. if you guys want the outfits and can't properly read it or see it, just comment down below, so I'll be able to tell you a'ight? State the color of the character you'd like and what you can't understand orrrrr...I could just tell you the whole thing?? ANyways! As usual: CREDS: Music in this video--- You are the reason - Calum Scott All we know - Chainsmokers I want you to have it all - Jason Mraz Apps used: Gacha Life Splice Safari for internet pics/gifs Let me know if ever I had forgotten anything pls thanks everyone! Thank you for watching, hope you all enjoyed!! ♥
Hi guys! I am sorry if this is nooby haha. 🤣 The reason is that, I made this a very long time ago when I first started Gacha life. However I was too lazy to edit lolol, anyways, enjoy! Credits: Song - Don't wanna know by Maroon 5 Everything Else - UnidentifedTrollMix Nicole 💖 Have a nice day everyonee! I am enjoying mine hehe
Hello hello! Welcome to another MUV!! These are absolutely so fun to make! Thanks for watching y'all! Credits: Song - 2002 by Anne Marie Everything Else - UnidentifiedTrollMix Nicole 💖 Have a nice weekend everyone! ❤️🤗
GACHA VIDEO| Part 1 - Not a sleeping beauty story
Enjoy!!! Hehe I was bored 😃🤭 rated 13!!!
hai guyss, currently, I kinda feel bad cause I'm using lte, personal hotspot and my bill is probably like 2k + or someting rn...also I haven't gotten my clearance form signed yet so...that . sucks . dis moosic vidoe iz zow zow cowl.. anyhooo, I'm pretty proud of this glmv, it's just that i rlly don't like the awkward glitches and the fact that the music doesn't catch up that perfectly to the mooosic so like TTuTT...yes.. CREDITS: Imovie Gacha life Kinemaster IbisPaint Phonto Vont Music: Genius - Sia, Diplo, Labrinth o3o ty soo much for the view and like (u have no choice u have to, I already gave u my thank u) jkjk *insert lenny*
Youngblood ❤️| MUV Gacha Life| UTM
Hiiii guyss!!! 💖 Here today, we have a music video, Youngblood by 5SOS. I've seen lots of Gachers, do this, so I decided to do one too! Pls enjoy, like, subscribe, and have a nice day, Belated Merry Christmas! 🎄 Credits: Song - Youngblood by 5sos Everything Else - UnidentifiedTrollMix Nicole 💖 Inspiration - The starter of the YB muv 👑
Enjoyable “Meep” Video.
Made by me. Meep comin’ out to bless y’alls timelines your welcome 🖤🌈🌚🤙🏼🙉🙈
Quick Pyramid of Gyza Inspired Mandala
Enjoy! Basics to ignore:
.*゚+.*7 Rings Ariana Grande GLMV +.。*゚ |UTM
HAIII GUYSS!! OMG I MISSED Y'ALL..OK this sucks. I'm so sorry you waited for a meme or a glmv or an update JUST something. Yet THIS is what you all get :"\ Anyways, this was a pain in my nonexsistent butt to make :p I literally wanted to edit everything, or shade this or thst. It just hAD TO BE EXTRA AFFD...periodt. SOOOO..I hope this was enough for you :\ eVEN If it dOEsn't FoR ME. BAI GUYS! I hope you enjoyed anyways! As usual, CREDS: Song: Ariana Grande-7 rings Ibis PAINT lots and lots of internet pics Kinemaster Splice this thing literally took me about a week, and 629 piccs, or something like that :"3
Hi hi hi!! 💖 AN ORIGINAL! ARENT U HAPPY? Haha jk, I only have 18 subs oh well.. But still I hope u enjoy! I will change the thumbnail soon on my laptop.. 🤗😂❤️ This is only episode 1 bcos I have no more gigabytes on my iPad lololol Anyways, see u all next time!!!! 💖💖💖
✧༝┉Psychic┉༝✧|Horror Story-Riddle|UTM
Hai everyoneee!!! So right now, I am currently about to make another meme -2 more cough cough- and I decided to make a horror story!! I know, i know. It isn't that creepy at all -except for the last part SPOILER ALERT!- I made it funnier ish, because ahaha, this humor of mine.. *sweats nervously* Anyhoooos, hope y'all enjoy this one! As usual, CREDITS: Ibis Paint Phonto Kinemaster The internet for the thumbnail -just search up psychic an it'll be there- and of course.. "Quiet Slumber" by Shadow6Nothing9 !! Thank u my frend! Here is thy link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7umg6ZrIEH8 Thank you so much for watching everyone!!
Hi guyss! So I've seen these things called Poor to Rich and I decided to put a lil twist to it :3 Enjoy! 💖🤣👑 Credits: Song - Love me like you by LittleMix Everything Else - UnidentifiedTrollMix Nicole 💖 Thanks for watching! Please leave a like and subscribe if you can or want to 💖💖💖
Notice Me|Glmv|Short film
Hi! So this is vv cringey, pls don't judge too harshly.... O-O I've spent a long time for this, and I put another happy ending, because if happy endings can't happen in reality, I can make it happen in gacha life ;3 uwu... Mkay, I hope u guys enjoy, and crossed fingers, yt won't mute this.. As always, thanks so much for watching!! CREDITS: Song - Notice Me by Alli Simpson App- Gacha life Editor - Splice and IMovie EVERYTHIN ELSE |characters, etc.| - UnidentifiedTrollMix