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Aboriginal dance
these guys came the first week we were in australia and did some aboriginal dances for us. it was coo cool. that's a digeridoo in the background. the guy playing it said that because digeridoo players can breath circularly, in through the nose and out through the mouth at the same time, they can play for hours and hours like it's one long continuous note.
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Fresh water Eel
this is some footage i got of a fresh water eel in australia. our guide , cam, through some food into the water (after we had gotten out) and this giant eel swam out. he was so cool!
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Turtle breststroke
we went to this place in makay, australia where we were supposed to see wild duck-billed platypi (i think that's how you pluralize it) but yeah seeing as how they are wild they come and go whenever they want. but there was this cool turtle hanging around so i filmed it instead.
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Duck-billed Platypus
so after waiting for like two hours we finally saw a platypus. it was a cute little baby i would guess no bigger than a foot and a half, but it was worth it.
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Australian fruit bats
outside of our dorms was literally the outback. there was an eternal war fought between the fruit bats and the possums (note in australia they leave off the first "o" and possums in australia are so freakin cute! they're all furry and cuddlely) so my friend hiedi wanted to film the bats, cause at her rugby practices they would all disperse into the night and she said it was so cool. unfortunately my camera didn't want to comply
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Kangaroo enclosuer
we got to go to this wildlife preserve in australia and they had all types of animals just walking around interacting with the people. by far the coolest place was the kangaroo enclosure! there was a section the kangaroos could go to if they didn't want to be petted but otherwise they would come down to eat little food pellets from your hand, kinda like the goats do in american zoos. it was so interesting to see them walk and hop around. oh yeah and the kangaroo that was in "kangaroo jack" lives there. he's freakin huge! i got to pet him which was fun. man i miss australia.
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Australian blue butterfly
i tried to film the electric blue australian butterfly, cause it was moving way to fast for me to get a pic of. if you pay attention to like the first second you might see it in the upper left-hand corner but it's pretty quick.
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