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Chile It's A Mess
:) http://www.facebook.com/groups/272766359437575/ email me: [email protected] be sure to put Youtube somewhere in the subject.
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Blklacquer Reviews Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls
I did not purchase this it was in a gift bag.
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Organics Twist and Loc Gel
what do you ladies think about this product? does this brand have better products than this?
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Transitional Healing- Video 1
Discussing the events that took place while My mother was in transition. Email [email protected] YouTube in Subject line Instagram @modernvintageandpretty FB @modernvintageandpretty
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Dreams and Premonitions
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Gurl Interrupted
This dude and I do not get along, I have to go thru this every time I see him. I am glad it's not often.
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Washing Hair with Pantene Gold Series Products
These products were sent to me to test, I did not purchase theme. Stay tuned for my review on the products. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Blklacquer Reads: Listen to the Lambs
vine selection author Daniel Black
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Am I Crazy? Little Women LA
Women if this is really how it went down, we need to stop the madness.
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My Gorilla Snot Twist Out
the most informative video I've found on the snotsb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFY7HVdIMjM
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Blue Apron Recipes Plus Free Meal For You
Just sharing some of the meals I have prepared with blue apron. And...I have 5 to give away. Just email me. [email protected] YouTube Blue Apron in subject Send your first last name and email address
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Influenster VoxBox Unbox: Perricone MD
I received this product complimentary from Influenster in return for my honest review. And that's what I'm going to give you!! Review to follow email me [email protected] YouTube in the Comments follow me @modernvintageandpretty on IG and Facebook for my clothing store sign up for email list www.modernvintageandpretty.com
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Blklacquer Reviews Pantene Gold Series
She don't like it sorry. I received these items free to test and review.
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Black Friday Purchase: Felicia Faye
Purchased this too cute jacket! Check out her website www.feliciafaye.net
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Diy Camo Jacket Custom
Finished camo jacket Will be posted on the site shortly Any questions Inbox me or email me [email protected] subject YouTube @blklacquer Snapchat @blklacquer2 Twitter @modernvintageandpretty on IG @Modern Vintage and Pretty on FB
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I'm  So Over AT&T Internet Service
Uggh..Like I hate them right now....
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Create Date: Purse Upcycle
A couple of diy projects. The vintage box purse is available www.inselly.com/craftybish
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Shh Blklacquer Don't Like
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Twinkeez link http://beautymarkedcosmetics.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=78302487 My link: http://www.kickrocksshoekouture.com/People-to-Kick-It-With-.html http://www.kickrocksshoekouture.com/
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Don't Stop Get It Get It
random couple dancing on cruise..well he is dancing, I think she is embarrassed! I do not own the music of course that is none other than MICHAEL JACKSON
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Blklacquer what to do with this hair
3yrs natural..but I'm thinking about cutting it again
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Blklacquer reviews Nothing But Hair products
these were free samples I did not pay for them and they didn't not pay for a review.
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Blklacquer Reads: Untwine
Vine Selection Untwine by Edwidge Danticat
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Mother & Daughter
Missing you...
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English Bulldog after Cherry Eye Surgery
Peanut had to have a cherry eye removed a couple of weeks ago, and he was still a little groggy when we made it home. He is ready for his forever home. I hope he has great pet parents because he is a sweetie.
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Blklacquer : TEABAGGIN'
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Bish Wha?
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Why I Fell Off
Just letting you know what had happened during my absence Email [email protected] YT in subject Follow my IG @modernvintageandpretty Follow my FB @modernvintageandpretty Snap with me @blklacquer
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Storing Winter Clothing
Why I am storing away my winter items and a couple of tips for storing clothes [email protected] YouTube in subject line please Modern Vintage and Pretty on Facebook @modernvintageandpretty on IG @blklacquer on IG My site www.modernvintageandpretty.com
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Minute Model
Tank and Palazzo pants thrifted Sandals from some random discount store
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Great News
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Happy Mother's Day Mom
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3 Ways to Know Your Home Needs Healing
The first part of our challenge is clearing our physical spaces. Ridding ourselves of negative energy and creating room for clarity
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A New Hair Journey
Using Robin's Jot Naturals Hair Care Line. http://www.robinsjoynaturals.com/
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Blklacquer reads SECRET by l marie adeline
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Blklacquer Reply to comments
So until I get off my lazy ass Im replying to my comments this way
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Guess Who's Back?
April Challenge himay10nence : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ugi3J1jH5Ps&t=0s Marquita :https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1441363202600780&id=100001813415435 lip of the day challenge from @teacupcosmetics on IG follow me: IG @modernvintageandpretty FB /modernvintageandpretty Twitter/ @mvpboutique snap/ blklacquer
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Feeling Better Thanks
a few were wondering about this cough I have it is attempting to attach itself to me but I got something for that
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Minute Model:Summer Dress
I really need a better bra with this dress. But it's cute anyway:)
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Tre and his tribute to Aunt Fe
I love being home when my bro Tre is home. He really is a good cook. And he is CRAZY! We love Aunt Fe..Aint Fe lmao whichever she prefers!
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Hurricane  Harvey: So far I'm good
Thanks for prayers, calls and texts.
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Dis hair tho
I think I'm going to chop it
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Upcycling a Camo Jacket
Stay tuned for the finished project National Dress Day March 6 Follow me on IG @modernvintageandpretty Tags #mvpnationaldressday #nationaldressday
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Don't ask me
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Checking in After Harvey
Hey I'm good over here, but so many need your help, however you choose to donate, I'm sure the people will appreciate it.
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Get Rid of the Buts..#mvpveda
Do you have an idea? Vision? A hobby you want to turn into business? What are your buts, let's get rid of those! #mvpveda #veda
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