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Learning The Finger Family song Abc song as a 3 year old
Abc Song fun, Family Finger Song as a 3 year old would sing it.
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Learn how to count numbers, colors with Thomas the Train minis
Learn Counting and Colors with Thomas the train minis fun. Jojo shows his collection of Thomas minis
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Thomas Minis Twist and Turn Stunt Set
Review of the Thomas minis stunt track and also includes a mini train. Jojo having fun trying out his new track! Please like and subscribe!
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Old McDonald fun!
A toddler learning to sing Old McDonald.Get to know Jojos funny sense of humor. Please subscribe and like!
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Vtech Ultimate Alphabet Train
A Glimpse of how big the train is with a 3 year old on it! Review coming soon! To watch a review on the Thomas minis twist and turn stunt set go here. https://youtu.be/gd--LQsOy-o Please like and subscribe.
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Number Puzzle, colors preschool learning
A toddlers point of view on teaching colors and numbers! Jojo uses a number puzzle to teach numbers and colors the way he found fun to teach as a 3-year-old.
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Spelling and Learning to read
Jojo spelling and learning to read for the first time. Boost your toddlers confidence in learning to read by watching this video and seeing a toddlers happy reaction to learning how to read! More in depth learning how to read videos coming soon!
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Peppa Pig Beanie Baby and
Peppa Pig EZ Vehicle Playhut with Caterpillar Tunnel
Jojo playing reviewing how much fun the Peppa Pig EZ Vehicle Playhut and Caterpillar Tunnel is with Peppa Pig Beanie Baby! Please like and subscribe here: For learning with puzzles go here! https://youtu.be/0zyy7XLDVPQ For Toddler sing alongs go here! https://youtu.be/EmaDbn0mY80 https://youtu.be/dWdLy9FtsC8 For Thomas the train adventures go here! https://youtu.be/gd--LQsOy-o https://youtu.be/uqHrVbaGxE0
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