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Meriel Died??
Thank you for whatching
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Despacito Dance CoverπŸ’•|| Meriel YT
Hey guys!! I am having this despacito dance cover cuz why not? Thanks to my older sister for recording or holding my cameraa!πŸ˜€ Song - Despacito by Luis Fonsi Ft. Daddy Yanke Follow/Add me on my social media accounts: Musical.ly - @merielGN Facebook - Meriel Geotina Follow/Add my older sister on her social media accounts: Musical.ly - @meldzmae95 // @meldzieeebanana Snapchat - meldzmae Instagram - @meldzz_ Facebook - Meldrin Mae Nogaliza Geotina Like my sister's "Squad Musers" page on facebook!! I hope you like my dance cover!! Sorry if it's kinda messy and blurry😭
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Short Vlog 3
Guys kung gusto niyo makita si jana sa vlog pumunta kayo sa ig ko Yung cinacopy kung Ig is MYSELFS DATI kung ig Pero privaite po yun sorry
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Horror Movie Part1 (Filipino)
Hey guys!!! I am a Filipina Who makes Videos.. Make Sure to Subscribe!! And Click that little bell!! ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● Check My Social Medias: Facebook: Meriel Geotina Instagram: PurpleFemmeXOX Roblox: PurpleFemmeXOX ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● Camera/Phone: Cellphone Samsung J3 Place: My House ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● Thank You For Watching!!!!β™‘β™‘β™‘ LovelotsπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
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Vlog With ate Joren
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Baguio City Vlog - Meriel YT -
May 19 And 20 Kami Nandoon sa Baguio Mga Kasamang yutubers Jana Nogaliza Jerica412 New Intro for vlogs
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Minecraft Gueest who w/Meldzziee
Mucicaly :MerielGN my sis acount Mucicaly:Meldzmae95 Make sure to follow us and love lots bye
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Reacting to the chocolates (Kisses , tobleron etc) *MerielYT*
sorry it did not end well
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Wedding the most emotianal *Meriel Yt*
ang pera ay sinisikapan!
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