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Skins Trailer US vs. UK - Side by Side comparison
A side by side comparison of the Skins US and UK trailer. UK trailer was cut to match the US trailer. Feel I now need to add that that doesn't reflect how I feel about the US version of skins, this isn't some claim that the UK version is better, I made this to show how close to the original the remake is from what they show in the trailer.
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Have you ever wondered what yacht crew actually do? #yachtlife
Half port day half water sports day, no two days are ever alike so its best to just prepare for anything and everything. filmed on 20th September 2018 Portimão, Portugal #nosmallcreator #Portugal
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Docking a super yacht like a BOSS #yachtlife
Not all marinas are created equally watch the captain get us safely into Portimão, Portugal and take the record for the largest yacht inside the marina.
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The Israel Detour
After leaving the Suez Canal we did a quick stop off in Tel Aviv because when your passing by why not? #nosmallcreator in #Israel
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What I do now
Summer Vlog 04 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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The Middle East Crossing
Genoa to Dubai via Suez Canal, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.
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what a normal day looks like #yachtlife
Day in the life of a super yacht on charter, passage Gibraltar to Marbella, shot and edited in one day. let me know if you liked this or didn't like this, if you have any questions drop them in the comments #nosmallcreator #gibraltar
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Summer Vlog 11 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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Super Yacht Shipyard
This is what happens to the yacht when she's not in season, its a full time job to keep her maintained and a shipyard period at the end of the season is a critical part of the year. If you have any ideas for videos or any questions about yachting please feel free to drop them in the comments below. #nosmallcreator #italy
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2 hours in Lebanon
Travelling to places you never thought you would see is always an amazing perk to the job. Sometimes we don't get anytime to get off the boat to explore, this is not one of those times. #nosmallcreator in #lebanon
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Top coat paint challenge #yachtlife
not all days are toys and adventure some days we are in port. Today I'm going to show you how I paint the yacht. little different more like a how to guide, except I show you none of the prep... just how I like to apply topcoat paint... i guess its a really bad how to if it is a how to. If you came here for a how to paint I'm sorry if you still don't know how to paint. #nosmallcreator #spain
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atlantic crossing
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Big Daddy: Helmet - Making Of (Part 1)
Short update on whats been hapening with the Bioshock Subject Delta costume. Mainly going through the helmet stage. More videos and updates to come soon. including "Making of Drill Arm" and "Making of The Boots"
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Bumpy ride into Cascais Portugal #yachtlife
Sometimes its a little rough out there even with guests on board. This is by no stretch rough or bad seas, just too much wind to uncover all the exterior areas of the boat until we were in port in the beautiful Cascais. filmed on 22th September 2018 Cascais, Portugal #nosmallcreator #Portugal
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Maldives vlog part 1
This video has been a long time in the making, I have been so busy with the trips, getting the boat back to Europe and also doing my OOW courses. But here it is, part 1 of 2, I will get the other half up in the next couple days. Its a little longer than my usual videos, I really hope you like it, I've tried to show a bit more of what goes on behind the scenes. Let me know in the comments what you want to see more of in the future videos.
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Big Daddy: Glove - Making Of
Making of the glove for Bioshock short.
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Best way to see Persian Gulf
This is the fastest way I could process all the footage into one short video, hope you like the style, I probably wouldn't do another video like this, it took ages to edit.
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Super Yacht River Cruise #yachtlife
Today we took the boat up the Lisbon river filmed on September 22nd 2018 Additional drone shots from: https://www.instagram.com/paustorch #nosmallcreator #Portugal
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Big Daddy: Drill Arm - Making Of (Part 2)
Part 2 of the drill arm build.
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Suez Canal
Quick guest trip to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh before heading through the Suez Canal,
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Maldives vlog part 2
If you haven't seen part one yet please watch that first: part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysrs8OwqpLs&t=118s This part concludes the trip in the Maldives, its not as fun as the first part but I wanted to show you guys more of what goes on behind the scenes but also wanted to put in the real issue in the Maldives with the plastic. This issue isn't limited to just the Maldives its becoming a real global problem its just very concentrated in these remote islands.
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Christmas in St Barts
Summer Vlog 23 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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48 Hours in Dubai
The crew (rats) going large in Dubai enjoying some well earned time off after the crossing from Europe. Music from Epidemic Sound and Chillhop
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Anti Piracy and the Gulf of Aden
The return trip back to the Med takes the boat through the high risk area in-between Somalia and Yemen. We need to take an armed security team for this crossing which keeps things interesting.
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Caribbean Adventures
Water parks, sharks, pigs, crystal blue waters, the Caribbean is something special. music by: BLONDE ACID CULT
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Big Daddy: Helmet - Making Of (Part 2)
Part 2 to the helmet build. Very close to finishing the helmet
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Big Daddy: Helmet - Making Of (Part 3)
Short Subject delta update Drill update very soon.
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Penny boarding in Venice
Summer Vlog02: new vlogs uploaded every friday (internet permitting or until i run out of content) Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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The Yacht in bad weather. Mediterranean storms
Sometimes you just get caught out. #nosmallcreator
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New Years in the Maldives
Happy New Year !! I worked but maybe you did something awesome?
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Big Daddy: Drill Arm - Making Of (Part 1)
1st video of the drill arm build.
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New Years in Serbia
To see in the new year me and Joe and a bunch of close friends headed out to Serbia, in a hasty departure at 3 in the morning I left my wallet on the side. This is the longest video I've ever made but hopefully you enjoy it, I think the content is better than last years new years video. We stayed in Subotica, in the northern part of Serbia before heading to Budapest for New Years and then back to Subotica and finally down to Novi Sad. Absolutely amazing countries to visit the people are very welcoming and the food/drink is phenomenal. Hope to visit again soon.
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Kings Landing (aka Dubrovnik)
Summer Vlog 03 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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i TRASHED my car
Summer Vlog 20 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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NYC vlog 7: Amazing views of New York
Thursday 22nd May, last day, headed to the top of the Rock for some insane sights. Sorry this video went up later than expected I was jet lagged to oblivion.
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Bristol Zombie Walk 2010 - Umbrella Corp Video
Great day out in Bristol all my favourite zombies showed up see you again next year ^^ wanted to make a shorter video but this was the best footage from over 3 hours and i couldn't cut it anymore than this without missing so many great costumes. -tom
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Best views in Montenegro
Summer Vlog 09 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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Bournemouth Arts Uni Set Build - Thai Brothel
Time-lapse and vlog set filmed over the duration of the set build for Holiday (working title) no idea what it will actually be called. The build was at the time the biggest construction I took part in. Filmed in Studio 3 for part of the AUB Film Production Image and Sound assignment films. Music by https://soundcloud.com/freehiphopbeatsforyou/free-the-passion-hifi-sleeping
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Crazy jump from a yacht
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Super Yacht Crash
Summer Vlog 12 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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Meeting Paige
Summer Vlog 13 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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The Jacket
A short I directed and produced for my 'Final Major Project' at Stroud College. Starring Xander Black / Leigh Allis / Michael Wisniewski / Rowena Perkins
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The Beatles museum
Summer Vlog 18 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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The deconstruction of Costa Concordia
Summer Vlog 14 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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Graduation from AUB
Summer Vlog 01 I know its been a while since I've made a video, i didn't stop recording since my last video 5 months ago, these events happened literally the days after its just taken me a really long time to edit everything, I have enough to upload a weekly video pending on stable internet connections till I'm back up to date. Happy New Year. Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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NYC vlog 1: Tripping balls in MOMA
Friday May 15th taking advantage of free admission at the Museum of Modern Art, and trying not to get run over. Music by Sinitus Tempo
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NOT allowed to fly - Seaman flight drama
Summer Vlog 21 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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Beatles - Twist 'N Shout (Making Of)
Making of music video for college assignment.
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Summer Vlog 05 Music by: Sinitus Tempo - https://soundcloud.com/sinitustempo
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